Totally Independent

Harper Financial are totally Independent Commercial Brokers. We do not act for any Lender, Product Provider or Network. We are not “Tied”, “Multi Tied” or any other version of – we are totally independent and very proud of it.

Whole of the Market

As a Whole of Market Broker we are able to deal with all lenders operating in the UK. Over the years our lender relationships have become very strong which inevitably benefits our clients. We are able to source the best facility for you from all lenders operating in the UK.

Your Mortgage

We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach.
The service we provide to our clients is fast, efficient and focused on results. However, we won’t waste your time; if your objective cannot be achieved we will tell you why, and if it can be achieved, we will tell you how. – With extensive knowledge and a complex understanding of lenders criteria, we are able to match the most suitable lender to our clients’ objectives.


The ‘good news’ is we charge our clients fees. This means we work for you, not the lender. We are not influenced by wanting to only deal with lenders who pay brokers high introduction fees to encourage them to refer their clients. Our success fee, and it is a ‘success only fee’, is normally 1% of the loan amount, but we will negotiate this fee for larger loan amounts. However we don’t charge up-front fees and provide our clients with a number of clear options from which they can decide which one is best for them.

“Whether you’re looking for Commercial Property Finance or Commercial Finance for your Trading Business, Harper Financial are the people to speak to because we offer something that the high street lenders can’t, and that’s choice. As anyone will tell you, making decisions when you have choices is always the better option.”