critical illness cover

We all want peace of mind and one of the most effective ways of creating that for you and your family is with a Critical Illness Cover plan.

These plans are designed to pay out in the event of the policy holder being diagnosed with a specified, serious illness that means that they may not be able to work.

Having Critical Illness Cover alongside a Life Assurance policy is one of the best ways to have combined protection to cover the two most obvious risks.

At Harper Financial we specialise in finding the right policy for you as an individual, preferring the ‘bespoke’ approach, rather than the ‘one size fits all’.

Protecting yourself in this way delivers the reassurance that allows you and your family to get on with your lives.

If you’d like to talk to a specialist Critical Illness adviser then give us a call on 01392 401801, we’d be delighted to help.

In 2021 the ABI confirmed that £1,224,200,000 was paid out in Critical Illness claims compared to £3,870,633,000 in Term Life Cover even though non-smoking man aged 40 is 4.1 times more likely to be diagnosed with a critical illness than die before retiring at 65 years old.

According to Pacific Life Re, a man aged 40 who is a non-smoker has a 3% chance of dying before he is 65 – but a 14% chance of getting a critical illness.**



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