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Let’s ask a question… Why would you go to a high street lender, look at the ten mortgages they offer, then go to another high street lender and look at their ten mortgages?

There is a better, more efficient way of securing the mortgage you want and that’s by talking to us here at Harper Financial.

We have an unrivalled knowledge and experience of the mortgage market and are able to offer a complete range of options from across the board that match your specific requirement. All of this is delivered with professionalism, integrity and above all else …clarity.

We understand that mortgage decisions are important and that they’re often not just about the money, these decisions are about life.

If you’d like to talk to a specialist Mortgage adviser then give us a call on 01392 401801, we’d be delighted to help.

– The average first-time buyer is now aged 33.4 (outside London) and 33.8 in London.
– Average first-time buyer house price (overall) is £245,522
– Average first-time buyer deposit size £61,000*
– A first-time buyer needs a salary of £53,000 to buy a home in the UK’s biggest cities**



It’s estimated that a third of all mortgages in the UK today are actually remortgages, where people secure a new borrowing on a property they already own, replacing the original mortgage.

There are various reasons for seeking remortgage but in most cases it’s done to save money by getting a better interest rate, especially if your existing agreement is due to end soon.

However, there are other reasons for remortgaging which include looking for more flexibility from a lender, potential changes in your circumstance or simply that the value of your property has increased significantly.

All of these are perfectly good reasons for looking to remortgage and all of these are perfectly good reasons to talk to us at Harper Financial.

We offer a wide choice and it’s this breadth of choice that is the key as it allows us to ‘shop around’ on your behalf and secure the very best possible deal to match your existing property and your personal circumstance.

At Harper Financial we can help you remortgage, using your position now to help secure your finances for the future.

Talk to us today and rest assured we’ll find the most suitable remortgage for you.

– The value of gross mortgage advances in 2022 Q4 was £81.6 billion, which was £4.3 billion lower than the previous quarter, but 16.3% higher than in 2021 Q4*

– 1.4m remortgagors facing higher interest rates in 2023**

– The average five-year fixed-rate mortgage rate in the UK is 4.78% (based on 75% LTV)***



Latest statistics show us that the UK Buy-to-let market is still incredibly strong but as the market slows slightly from the heights of 2015 the key to a successful Buy-to-let is the mortgage that you choose…it is after all the biggest single monthly cost that you’ll have to cover.

Here at Harper Financial we understand the Buy-to-let market. We’ve seen dramatic rises, the slow off period, the pressure on landlords from Government and the pitfalls that need to be avoided at all costs. It’s how we’re able to advise you properly on everything involved.

As with any mortgage product, choice is key, especially when you want to reduce costs and maximize returns.

If you’d like to talk to a specialist Buy to Let adviser then give us a call on 01392 401801, we’d be delighted to help.

– The total number of unincorporated landlords that declared income from renting property in 2020 to 2021 was 2.74 million and they declared over £40 billion in rental income*



If you open a dictionary and look up the word ‘protection’ it’s not long before you come across the phrase ‘safe keeping’. In our mind ‘safe keeping’ is all about making sure that you keep what you already have and never lose it.

At Harper Financial, we not only advise you on how to manage and grow your financial assets but just as importantly we can advise you on how to keep them safe…to protect them if you like.

You’ve worked hard all of your life to secure the assets that you now have, so why would you not protect them? Why run the risk of losing them? They’re not just for you, yourself now, they’re also for your future and your family’s future as well.

Please note your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.