life assurances

This simple, no nonsense means of protection is the perfect way of creating peace of mind for when someone is no longer with us.

At Harper Financial we can work with you to make sure that a bespoke Life Assurance plan is created. The sort of plan that provides your family and loved ones with the exact financial legacy that you want and all for a fixed monthly amount over an agreed period of time.

When the day comes, your family will be left with a cash payment that they’ll be able to use in whatever way they wish, whether that’s paying off the mortgage, using it as a substitute for a missing income or just a financial reassurance for the future.

Whatever additional financial planning you have for the future, a Life Assurance plan is probably one of the most simple and effective means of providing for your family once you’re no longer here to do that job yourself.

If you’d like to talk to a specialist Life Assurance adviser then give us a call on 01392 401801, we’d be delighted to help.

Although the research reveals that 58% of mortgage holders have life
insurance, just 28% have critical illness cover, while only 12% have income protection.*

The average household currently owes £137,934 on their mortgage.**


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